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We initially launched the concept in 2015 as a series of workshops in partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, DC, and Global Education teachers in DCPS. We are proud to expand this concept and curriculum to a full, standalone program in Spring 2016.


Culturfied Kids encourages children to discover the wonder of world culture, through educational programs with the following objectives:

To develop and distribute stimulating educational materials that will enhance cross-cultural understanding and promote appreciation for unique people and places around the world, and particularly cultural exchanges related to the arts, culture, music, and cuisine.
To recruit and train local facilitators, including in partnership with Teach for America.
To increase young people’s knowledge and understanding of different peoples, languages, cultures, histories, and religions, and to foster and increase friendship and communication between children from different ethnic backgrounds.

Curriculum & Lesson Overview

Culturfied Foundation has developed Culturfied Curriculum for Washington, DC middle schools, fully aligned with DC Office of the State Superintendent (OSSE) social studies standards for grades 6-8. We assist teachers to enliven their existing social studies curriculums, and actively engage in global issues in a way that fosters creativity and innovation. Students gain the knowledge required to engage in knowledgeable, fact-based discussions of important issues in contemporary society.
The Culturfied Kids program aims to educate today’s students to become tomorrow’s global leaders, by exhibiting an awareness of, respect for, and curiosity about multicultural and international similarities and differences that leads to interest in travel, traditions, people groups and foreign and global affairs.
We accomplish our objectives through a curriculum that features engaging cultural displays and hands-on activities, including an introduction to traditional dress in different countries, lessons on cultural traditions, crafts, and games, opportunities to sample world cuisine and watch international dance and music performances, and tutorials in world geography.


During a typical session, students focus on a chosen country, and study it in detail. Through art projects, travel to cultural centers, museums, film screenings and restaurants, students gain hands-on experience with the culture, government and traditions of that lesson’s country.  Whenever possible, we meet people from the country and learn from them firsthand (for example, Japanese students recently taught our students how to properly use chopsticks and write some words in Japanese.) Students keep ongoing “travel journals” and earn stamps for their “passport” by demonstrating a range of knowledge of that lesson’s country.
•    Off-campus activities related to the study of cultures
•    Guest speakers
•    Group activities
•    Total Physical Response activities
•    Memorization
•    Individual and group performance projects
•    Role-playing activities
•    Creative writing
•    Cooking
•    Music
•    Context games

Why DC Needs Culturfied Kids: Benefits of Adopting our Curriculum

It is imperative that District of Columbia schools prepare students to enter a multilingual and multicultural work environment. In addition, 21st century scholarship, leadership and citizenship depends not only on the strength of students’ reading, math, and science skills but also on their ability to become citizens of the world through strong knowledge of other countries, cultures, and languages.

•    The U.S. federal government is the nation’s largest foreign-language employer, and many of these jobs are based in Maryland or Washington, DC.
•    International business is the District of Columbia’s second-largest generator of economic activity, according to a June 2002 study by the National Capital Planning Commission. With annual direct spending totaling an estimated $10.4 billion in the District of Columbia, international business is second only to the federal government.
•    The District is home to 169 foreign missions, which employ nearly 10,000 workers with an annual payroll of nearly $300 million dollars. Consumer spending by foreign mission employees in the District is estimated at $32.4 million. In addition to providing a major source of jobs and income for the city, these international activities enliven the city’s cultural and political life.
•    Culturfied Kids program participants gain greater empathy, curiosity, and advocacy, enabling them to be better classmates and stronger, more well-rounded students, continuing on their lifelong journey of cultural competency and global citizenship. For example, after a recent Culturfied Kids session studied Japan, students expressed an increased interest in traveling to the country in the future and learning more about the culture, cuisine and people of Japan, and took an interest in following the country’s current events.

Student Selection Process

Culturfied Kids (CK) identifies and enrolls a diverse group of Metropolitan DC-area middle school students who demonstrate motivation, academic promise, high character and leadership potential. In addition, the students’ families must be committed to meeting the program’s responsibilities, which includes keeping up with current events of selected countries.
Culturfied Kids student recruitment efforts include: contact with school admission officers, teachers, guidance counselors, faith-based groups, community leaders, and area public schools. Admission to the CK program is based on testing, school grades, teacher recommendations, and personal interviews with students and families.  As this is the Culturfied Foundation’s first iteration of the full standalone program, we currently plan to accept only 10 students in this cycle, though we plan to expand the program as we grow.

How to Become a CK Teacher

Candidates for faculty positions are chosen according to the following criteria: teaching competence, dedication to guiding young students inside and outside the classroom, and commitment to the basic mission of Culturfied Foundation. These positions are part-time and largely volunteer, but we offer regular premium perks such as VIP seating to area pro sporting events to those who fulfill all obligations. If you are interested in adopting Culturfied Kids curriculum in your classroom or becoming a facilitator, please email our program director at

How to Apply (Students)

Applications are currently being accepted. For information on how to apply, please email Jamila Thompson, Program Director, at

Embassies and Cultural Institutions: Partner With Us!

We are interested in bringing this global education to more organizations including schools and community centers.  We are also seeking to partner with embassies, museums and cultural centers to sponsor a session when their country is being covered. This includes providing a guest speaker, cultural performers, food, and Embassy visit/tour. Email for details.

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